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Livin the DREAM with Matt Scoletti

Oct 26, 2021

Have you ever gone the entire day without really stopping to enjoy a single moment?  I know I have.


In this episode, I talk about the simple joy’s of life and how we can all better enjoy them.  I’m guilty of this just like anyone else. 


The lesson I am learning is…if we can’t enjoy the little things…we...

Oct 19, 2021

Who is the one person you HAVE TO spend the rest of your life with?  That’s right…it’s YOU.

What is your relationship like with yourself?  Self-talk is a huge category of personal growth and in this episode you will learn an awesome way to improve yourself talk. 

After listening to this episode, I hope you gain...

Oct 12, 2021

After listening to this brief episode, you’ll learn a great and simple way to start towards ANY goal.  Start with one.  One step.  One call.  One decision.


I’ll use a very inspiring story of a wonderful woman to encourage you to start small, start slow, but be consistent on your way to massive success. 



Oct 5, 2021

I know I usually talk about “pushing yourself to the max” and “reach your potential.”  And I do believe in all of that and those are big goals of mine.

But what I’ve realized after talking to some people is…maybe I’m too hard on myself sometimes?  Have you ever been too hard on yourself?

This episode is...